FUREE’s First Group of Facilitators Complete Their Training!

In 2016 FUREE decided to extend our FIRED UP Academy to include facilitation training for our leaders to pick up the mantle and teach our academy in subsequent years.  It was a test drive to see how far we could push our leadership development and deliver on our promise to help build a stronger base of community leaders who could take on the responsibility of sharing knowledge with our people in the pursuit of liberation!

A few unexpected roadblocks stood in our way and we weren’t sure we’d be able to complete it or even pull it off, but with the support of our member-leaders and our allies at NAACP-LDF, we hosted our series of trainings with an amazing group of dedicated social justice warriors!  We even tacked on an additional workshop at the enthusiastic demand of our participants when they realized we hadn’t gotten through all of the materials by the end of the last workshop!

Here are some great pictures taken by an amazing volunteer photographer David Branigan!






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