FUREE’s F.I.R.E.D UP Leadership Academy Officially Accepting Applications!

Application must be completed in full by MAY 30TH 2017 in order to be considered for a spot. Academy participants are expected to complete AT LEAST 5 OF THE 6 WORKSHOPS to be included in the graduation ceremony. This academy is FREE TO ALL PARTICIPANTS; FUREE has a suggested donation of $5-$10 to help recover the costs of running the academy (supplies, food, transportation etc.). This suggested donation is not required and will not be considered in the candidate process. First priority will be given to current FUREE members, second to Brooklyn residents in public housing, all other applicants will be given spots based on availability after that.

Apply NOW at: https://goo.gl/forms/0U9N3mrTMMWb8X3v1

FUREE provides extensive training and support to our members and the wider community so they have the tools necessary to lead successful campaigns, facilitate knowledge sharing within our communities and enact structural change for the liberation of all oppressed peoples. The FUREE Leadership Academy is a series of skills-building workshops and trainings that teach participants to identify systems of oppression through political education, facilitate the mobilization and power building of their communities, as well as organize to develop strong social justice campaigns.

The 2nd phase of the Academy focuses on the principles of popular education that promote knowledge sharing by and for the people, rather than accepting the exclusive traditions of academy where the recognition of authority and expertise is monopolized by a few. FUREE grounds its curriculum for its academy in the values that promote equality of learning opportunities and the power that comes from educating communities. We believe that everyone has the ability to learn, to teach, and to find expertise in their life experiences that can motivate and inspire others.


WORKSHOP 1: Capitalism’s Curse -Oppression + Inequality
This introduction workshop will kick off the academy with developing an understanding of capitalism and how it facilitates oppression and inequality in our communities. Participants will analyze the ways in which structural oppression in the U.S. infects all social institutions and has a wide range of implications for different communities, while looking at a variety of social justice issues and how they all relate to each other.

WORKSHOP 2: Building Movement -Social Justice + Political Education
Our second workshop builds off our established understanding of oppression, and combines a case study of Social Movements in history with an examination of contemporary strategies for building collective power. Participants will round out this session with a basic understanding of political mechanisms and structures; build their power mapping and strategic targeting skills, as well as the fundamentals of campaign building.

WORKSHOP 3: Talk the Talk -Effective Communication + Media/Messaging
Having established a concrete understanding of both oppression and social movement building, this workshop teaches how to effectively communicate their visions and goals for campaign work, build confidence and savvy for engaging media, as well as develop messaging tools to build public support. This workshop also includes tips and tools for various communication needs such as effective emails/announcements, support and funding letters as well as face to face interpersonal engagement for conflict mitigation. Also covered in this workshop are the fundamentals of planning press conferences and similar public events where media is involved!

WORKSHOP 4: Age of Rising Fascism -Community Organizing + Community & Self-Defense/KYR
Fascism isn’t new and it isn’t going anywhere! In 2017 we aren’t seeing a resurgence of fascism, but a renewed power and bravery by white nationalist extremists who are crawling out of hiding with the support of the new administration in the presidential office. Age of Rising Fascism: Community Organizing/Defense + KYR will delve into strategic ways to organize/mobilize our communities for both sustained resistance and reclaiming power for our liberation, as well as how to defend our communities in the face of threats physically, philosophically, legally and economically/politically. –Support networks/safe houses, physical self-defense (non-lethal force), techniques for survival in various environments, natural healing techniques etc.)

WORKSHOP 5: Economic Power: -Financial Health + Long-Term Security
How can we build our communities and economic determination if we can’t manage our personal finances efficiently and smartly? What does it mean to leave a legacy/estate for our children and generations to come, so we can leave them in a better position to build from our work? Economic Power: Financial Health + Long-Term Security will provide the fundamentals of financial planning and management, securing long term stability, and what it means to build a financial/networking legacy that we can pass down through generations. This workshop will also cover issues of race and class, how social caste systems lend to the disenfranchisement and generational poverty we experience, and how we can begin to change these systems for long-term change.

WORKSHOP 6: Big Brother -Digital Privacy/Defense + Identity Protection
Cyber security, digital privacy and identity protection have never been more important for our society than this very moment in time! The U.S. has embarked on an extended path of decreased privacy and increased government surveillance since 9/11, and the new administration seems poised to take that to invasive and abusive new heights! If there’s ONE workshop that every single person needs, it’s Big Brother: Digital Privacy/Defense + Identity Protection! For those of us who rely heavily on technology for our lives, it’s vital we learn how to keep ourselves and our privacy protected, and regardless of your technological reliance identity theft is always a looming threat. Learn to keep yourself safe!

Need more info or want to complete a printed application? Contact FUREE staff here:

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