There have been many responses to the new administrations announcements regarding funding cuts to HUD and we’re adding another response to the growing list of outraged cities, communities and citizens!  Can we count on you to be there?

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Inner Cities:  “What Have You Got to Lose?”

HUD is a major casualty of the proposed Trump budget that slashes agency funding by 14 percent.  What does that mean for low-income New Yorkers?

Public Housing

Already inadequate capital subsidies for major infrastructure improvements will be radically cut by 60 percent. NYCHA’s $17 billion backlog in capital improvements will grow. Residents will experience worse deterioration—leaking roofs, failing elevators, crumbling facades, fragile plumbing, and toxic mold.

Operating subsidies will be further cut by 13 percent. Expect increased delays in routine repairs, reductions in NYCHA staff. Capital funds will be used to cover operating deficits, delaying major improvements.

Result Whatever progress has been made in the last 2-3 years will be lost.  NYCHA will be set back by a decade, again running operating deficits in the $100s of millions.

Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers

Flat funding, in the face of rising rents in NYC and elsewhere, means that

200,000 (10%) of vouchers may be lost nationally.  In NYC, losses may be in the 10,000s, as turned-over vouchers are withdrawn from use. Payment standards may be lowered, causing major increases in the rent burdens carried by voucher holders.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)—Eliminated

HOME Investment Block Grant—Eliminated

CDBG is a major funder of HPD housing code enforcement efforts, which will now have to be cut back.  311 and HPD may not be able to be responsive to substandard conditions and tenant harassment.

HOME is a major funding source for HPD development of affordable housing. Productions levels will have to be reduced.

Housing for the Elderly—cut by 15 percent

Housing for the Disabled—cut by 2 percent

Critically needed development funds for the production of affordable housing for older and other-abled New Yorkers will be reduced.

The Results:

What Do We Have to Lose? Major losses in the ability of the city and its low-income New Yorkers to deal with the mounting rent affordability crisis.  Worsening deterioration of our public housing.

What Do We Have to Gain? Major increases in tenant displacement pressures, evictions, doubling-up, and homelessness. Rising numbers of homeless in the city shelter system.

What Do We Do? Show President Trump that New Yorkers won’t accept this attack on inner-city communities. Come and be counted in an April rally that raises our voice so that it is heard across America.

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