New York City is currently experiencing the more severe affordable housing crisis in living memory.  FUREE believes that there must be a shift in the political arena n order to secure the preservation and expansion of public housing. We have outlined our platform to ensure the continued existence and improvement of low-income housing for the current 600,000 residents of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and the hundreds of thousands facing ongoing housing insecurity and homelessness. We believe it is the responsibility of all New Yorkers to hold our elected officials accountable to the safety and stability of our homes.

  • Secure living wage jobs with benefits for youth and families.
  • Fully fund social programs and employment services that people in our communities rely on.
  • End the displacement of low-income and working families from our communities by preserving, improving and fully funding public housing and protecting and expanding affordable private housing.
  • Ensure equal access to affordable and healthy food for all New Yorkers.



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FUREE Mission & Core Principles

Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE) is a member led Brooklyn-based multiracial organization led by mostly women of color. We organize and unite low-income families to build power to fight against systems of oppression so that the work of all people is valued and all of us have the right and ability to decide and live out our own destinies.  We use direct action, leadership development, community organizing and political education to win the changes our members seek.  Our guiding principle is that those directly affected by the policies we are seeking to change should lead the organization because they are the true experts.


At FUREE, we bring together people with common problems, to work together, grow together and come up with solutions for a better community.  Our core values include:


  • Collective Decision Making
  • Leadership Development
  • Political Education
  • Self Determination
  • Community Power
  • Equality for ALL



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