Brooklyn Commons to Host Christopher Bollyn: FUREE Statement

FUREE is a Brooklyn-based, multi-racial/cultural organization led by mostly people of color who currently occupy a rented office within the Brooklyn Commons.

Our mission, core principles and values center on the struggle to end societal oppression of all forms against all peoples, and we take pride in our consistent application of those principles in practice as well as in our partnerships.

We were recently informed of a scheduled event at the Brooklyn Commons in which Christopher Bollyn, a shamelessly public anti-Semitic will be giving a lecture. FUREE and other groups who occupy office space at the Commons have no input or decision-making power in event scheduling or programming and are not given advanced notice of scheduling.

We stand united with our neighbors, comrades and other groups in wholeheartedly denouncing the decision to provide a platform to the obviously prejudiced and misinformed Christopher Bollyn. We have never and will never support anti-semitism or any other form of discriminatory oppression under any terms, and have welcomed the opportunity to stand in public solidarity against the allowance of such hate to be shared in a public space that is supposed to be a haven for social justice power building.

FUREE is united with all of the people and groups who have publicly called for the cancellation of this event as well as the prevention of similar bookings in the future. We urge the decision-makers at Brooklyn Commons to seriously rethink their plan to host this figure, and ask that they make an explicit public statement of commitment to canceling this event and instituting measures to avoid such an egregious mistake in the future.

FUREE appreciates the diligence and fortitude shown by the allies who brought this matter to the public and to our organization. We’d like to express our gratitude to those who have given us the opportunity to publicly make clear where we stand.

In solidarity and love,

Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE)

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