FUREE’s 2016 Holiday Donation Drive

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Help Us Continue Our FUREEous Fight Against Social and Economic Oppression, This #GivingTuesday!!

In the face of uncertainty it’s important to keep ourselves connected to the roots of our past and march forward to confront our future in solidarity. Ours is a legacy of relentless struggle against oppression for all, but our triumphs are increasingly threatened by people who have no interest in ensuring equality for all.

It’s been a mere two weeks since the presidential election and over 700 incidents of harassment and violence have been reported to the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Right here in our city, our fellow New Yorkers have been victims and witnesses to the increasing courage of hateful acts that have elevated fear and despair within our communities.

FUREE isn’t new to the harsh realities of struggle and we never back away from a fight!  Will you continue to stand with us and support our work as we take on the work of battling the forces that marginalize us?  This #givingtuesday people across the country are offering their money and time to the causes closest to their hearts, will FUREE be on your list this November 29th?

So many groups across the country have begun to organize and mobilize in preparation for the work ahead of us, and FUREE has been strategizing to take its place amongst our allies and fellow freedom fighters in securing social justice for all!  History is keeping a watchful eye right now, and we should all be asking the question: What will history reveal about us looking back at this moment?

Right here at home FUREE’s tireless members and staff have spent considerable time, energy and sacrifices to ensure housing-justice for communities who’ve been forced to the economic margins.  Our communities are suffering at the hands of careless public policy and funding starvation in government, on top of egregious disregard by the real estate industry.  Your contributions both small and large during this #givingtuesday will go a long way towards making sure FUREE can continue its important work throughout NYC.

So how about it? Will you support our work and keep us in the fight?  You’d be surprised by what a little change from the couch or penny jar could do when times get rough, and I can’t think of a tougher time than this moment right now!  No amount is too small for our gratitude, we are always appreciative of whatever you give and every penny matters!  Keep FUREE in your thoughts this #givingtuesday and make sure to spread the word for others to do the same!

You can make a donation via our website here: http://www.furee.org or mail your donation to our office at:

FUREE (Families United for Racial and Economic Equality), A Program of Fifth Avenue Committee
388 Atlantic Ave, 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11217

(All donations are tax-deductible, please make checks or money orders out to Fifth Avenue Committee)

In the Struggle Together,

Shatia Strother

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