FUREE’s 2017 Holiday Drive Continues… Jan 2017 Highlights!

All donations are tax-deductible, please make personal checks, cashier’s checks and money-orders payable to ‘Fifth Avenue Committee-FUREE Program (2017 Holiday Drive).
If paying via NYCharities website, please indicate ‘FUREE’  in the line for donation designation. IRS donation letters will be mailed out to all donors for tax purposes,  please make sure to provide complete mailing address and contact information for our records.



“I’ve made FUREE my home and family because I want our communities and our people to gain the power we need to be successful in this world without being pushed down and oppressed. We can’t win if we don’t fight so I wanted to join an organization that’s led by my people, fights for my people, and cares for my people!”  – FUREE Member-Leader, Paula Smith


FUREE’s efforts have taken our member leaders, base and staff through obstacle courses of growth, struggle, successes and setbacks. We’ve fortified foundations, built new and stronger structures, expanded our reach, and redefined how we show up in this work. None of this would even be remotely possible without the support and love from our communities and people like YOU!

We hope our work can continue well into the future but for now we’ll settle with excitedly ushering in 2018 a full year stronger and wiser, equipped with the resources we need to keep up the momentum we have striven so hard to gain! Can we count on your support and contribution this year during our end-of-year ‘Holiday Giving Fundraising Drive’? It’s the generosity of your donations that help sustain our work and ensure we can maintain a level of self-direction and truly member-led organizing…

Any and all amounts large and small are equally accepted and appreciated, and make sure to read below for FUREE’s 2017 Campaigns & Program highlights as we look back and share our journey over this past year with you, and celebrate making it to the other side with joy and light!

In Solidarity and Unity,

FUREE Staff, Member-Leaders & FUREEous Youth!

FUREE (Families United for Racial and Economic Equality)
388 Atlantic Ave., 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 852-2960
Instagram: #GetFUREEous

Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE) is a member led Brooklyn-based multiracial program of Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) led by mostly women of color. We organize and unite low-income families to build power to fight against systems of oppression so that the work of all people is valued and all of us have the right and ability to decide and live out our own destinies.

We use direct action, leadership development, community organizing and political education to win the changes our members seek. Our guiding principle is that those directly affected by the policies we are seeking to change should lead the organization because they are the true experts. At FUREE, we bring together people with common problems, to work together, grow together and come up with solutions for a better community.

Our core values are:

  • Collective Decision Making & Community Power
  • Leadership Development & Self Determination
  • Political Education & Equality for ALL
  • Supporting Women of Color Leadership & Uplifting Youth Voices

Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) is a community organization in South Brooklyn that advances economic and social justice by building vibrant, diverse communities where residents have genuine opportunities to achieve their goals, as well as the power to shape the community’s future.  FAC is a nationally-recognized nonprofit community development corporation formed in 1978 that works to transform the lives of over 5,000 low- and moderate-income New Yorkers annually so that we can all live and work with dignity and respect while making our community more equitable, sustainable, inclusive, and just.  To achieve our mission, FAC develops and manages affordable housing and community facilities, creates economic opportunities and ensures access to economic stability, organizes residents and workers, offers student-centered adult education, and combats displacement caused by gentrification.


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