FUREE Leader Beverly Corbin Honored at FAC’s 40th Anniversary Gala

On May 22nd, FAC hosted its 40th Anniversary Benefit & Awards Reception at the Brooklyn Museum. As a part of the festivities, fellow honorees included:

People’s Voice Award:

  • Juan González, broadcast journalist, investigative reporter, and co-host of Democracy Now!

Build Awards:

  • Hirschen Singer & Epstein LLP, an outstanding law firm distinguished by the dedication of its leadership and staff to affordable housing development.
  • Magnusson Architecture and Planning, PC, a pioneer in outstanding building design and urban revitalization projects.
  • Pat Conway, Fifth Avenue Committee’s longest serving Board member and first paid staff member more than 35 years ago.

Rise Up Awards:

  • Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development (ANHD), for its outstanding advocacy on behalf of New York City residents and neighborhoods.
  • Neighborhoods First Fund, a dynamic collaborative of forward-looking funders who have put together assets in order to invest in community-based planning efforts throughout New York City’s neighborhoods that have been or are being rezoned.

Transform Awards:

  • Pratt Center for Community Development, which has literally led the way in advancing equity, sustainability, local knowledge, and diverse economies.
  • LISC NYC & National Equity Fund, two organizations that are a backbone for the community development field.
  • Juan Carlos Sosa, a graduate of Fifth Avenue Committee’s adult education program.


Beverly was honored with a Rise Up Award for her service to FUREE as a former member of FUREE’s predecessor, WEP Workers Together!, time as a board member and engagement as a Steering Committee member. In addition, Beverly is a Resident Watch leader at Wyckoff Gardens and Gowanus Superfund CAG member.

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