Voter Engagement for Empowerment Project

Our work is guided by our organizational assessment that we are fighting institutional racism, sexism and classism. Our members understand that we will never create a just society until we eliminate the structures that perpetuate inequities. At an organizational planning session in 2004, members decided that we could increase our ability to change policies that will create exits from poverty if we added non-partisan electoral work to our arsenal of tactics and that that work would have to be integrated in all FUREE campaigns. 

Since then, we have collaborated with NY VOTE, the Push Back Network and the Right to the City Civic Engagement Workgroup, the NY State Voices Table as well as local community based and faith based organizations to organize voters around social justice platforms.

To date, we have contacted over 25,000 voters and turned out more than 10,000 unengaged, low income and working class voters to vote. Organizing voters helps to build power for traditionally disenfranchised communities. It also opens opportunities to connect residents to elected representatives so that communities are built with all stakeholders at decision making tables.

Other victories in this work include increasing Census response rates by an average 4.2% in 13 of 14 target Census tracts in Brooklyn; supporting efforts to consolidate residents from Ingersoll Houses into NYS Assembly District 57, a Voting Rights Protected district and suing the NYS Board of Elections with the NYU Brennan Center, NAACP and the Black Civic Participation Project to protect the loss of votes in our communities.

If you're not registered to vote or have moved since the last elections, YOU CAN REGISTER TO VOTE HERE!


FUREE is a nonpartisan organization. We do not support or endorse candidates nor do we participate in any activities that benefits one party over another.



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