Public Housing Campaign

FUREE member Sharon Davis-Knight speaks about living conditions


Public Housing Organizing Committee Mission Statement:

 We are public housing residents who are fighting for ourselves, our families and future generations to make sure that we are all treated as human beings with dignity and respect.  We fight to preserve and protect public housing, build a sustainable community and to hold NYCHA accountable to the housing, employment and safety needs of its residents. We do this through building the social and political power of residents so that all people who call public housing their home can win racial, gender and economic equity.


Our Goals:

- Preserve and protect the accessibility and affordability of public housing to ensure that public housing remains a safety-net for low income families

- Win changes to warehoused units in Ingersoll and Whitman Houses

- Hold the New York City Housing Authority to job training and placement standards for unemployed residents through Section 3 programs

- Win a community-labor apprenticeship program funded through Section 3 funds.

- Change the public debate regarding public housing to uplift that housing is a human right and develop revenue-building plans that keeps public housing accessible and available for low income and working families.

For more information or join the committee, contact Valery Jean by calling 718-852-2960.



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