Our Work

"Our lives are a battlefield on which is fought a continuous war between the forces that are pledged to confirm our humanity and those determined to dismantle it..." --Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o

Our work is rooted in fighting structural racism, classism and sexism. Our members, based on their lived experiences, study and analysis, understand that we will never create a society in which all people have the rights and economic means to live out their destinies until we eliminate the structures that perpetuate inequality based on race, class and gender. We understand that this work must include all stakeholders to be effective.

One of our core strategies is to develop grassroots leaders so that those who are directly affected by policies that destabilize families, displace communities and force people to live a lessened quality of life are seated at decision-making tables and are driving the fight racial, gender and economic equality. FUREE's campaigns focus on:

(1) Building low-income and working families’ power to win changes in their communities by turning out unengaged and organizing voters around community-identified demands;

(2) Organizing for responsible, community-led economic development and against the displacement of low-income and working class families and small businesses;

(3) Building the power of Black and Latino youth to address barriers to sustainable employment for youth of color in New York City; and

(4) Building the power of public housing residents to preserve and protect public housing and win economic justice for public housing residents.