"The kind of beauty I want most is the hard to get kind: strength, courage, dignity." — Ruby Dee

FUREE staff can be reached by calling (718) 852-2960 and dialing the extension listed below.

Shatia Strother

Community Organizer
shatia [at] furee [dot] org
Shatia Strother is a Bed-Stuy native and resident who's life passion is maintaining the history and culture of communities of color through activism in social, food and environmental justice issues. Her role as mother and wife has lead her towards a path of intentional radicalism and self determination with the hopes that she can raise her children and encourage communities to champion the causes they find important to them. In 2011, Shatia co-founded the 462 Halsey Community Garden with the mission to develop a safe, inclusive green-space for residents to create and strengthen community bonds through growing food, sharing resources and addressing both social and food justice issues. In 2013, she was hired as the Food Access Outreach Coordinator at the Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation under the Communities for Healthy Food initiative that promotes equitable access to fresh, healthy and affordable food in Bed-Stuy and other underserved communities. Along with many other projects, Shatia is currently part of a group of Central Brooklyn residents in partnership with the Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC) to develop a members owned Food Cooperative. Her interests include gardening, camping/hiking, a growing collection of dead animals and any adventurous activity that worries her husband and involves potential dangers. Shatia loves to travel and share stories, is an avid baker and experimenter in the kitchen as well as a dabbler in the art of homemade jam. Shatia is excited to jump into her new role as Community Organizer at FUREE and really hopes to use her energy, experience and enthusiasm in an impactful way within an organization that she has long admired. In this capacity, she hopes to become a part of and continue a legacy of strong leadership from women and men of color in Brooklyn and aspires to be a part of real and tangible systemic change.