FUREE members promote Participatory Budgeting in Councilmember Levin's District

FUREE members have been knocking on doors and chatting with our neighbors about an exciting new opportunity to advance accountable development in our communities.

Council Member Stephen Levin is empowering residents in the 33rd District to engage in a bottom-up process of deciding how $1million will be spent on physical improvements within the community (like parks, schools and transportation).  And FUREE is on board, energizing our members, and making sure low-income people of color and public housing residents are at the table in the diverse district.

In a process called "Participatory Budgeting", residents will come together to propose how that $1million should be spent to improve our neighborhoods via a series of Neighborhood Assemblies.  Later on, residents will also be voting on which projects we like best. 

This is YOUR chance to be involved in the democratic process, whether or not you're a citizen or even registered to vote!

Click here to learn more about Participatory Budgeting in Levin's district (7 other council members are also participating across NYC).

Do you live in Councilman Stephen Levin’s district?  Attend one of these assemblies to get involved!


Wednesday Oct 3rd @ 6pm-9pm

YWCA - 30 Third Ave (@ Atlantic Ave), Community Room


Thursday Oct 4th @ 1pm-3pm

Times Plaza Senior Center - 460 Atlantic Ave


Tues Oct 16th @ 6:30pm - 9pm

Wyckoff Gardens Gym - 280 Wyckoff St


You can also call Steven Levin's office at: 718.875.5200