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FUREE In the Media

'Pins and Needles' revival sings in Brooklyn with fresh take on classic New York living

NY Daily News, 06/17/2011 -

The tenant-landlord relationship has always come with a high-tension hum.

Now, with rents in recovery (as in, going up), a revival sings of this timeless big-city issue plus others.

No, not "Rent."

It's a fresh take on "Pins & Needles," a 1937 Broadway revue that blends social protest and satire into a heady musical mix.

The show is a collaboration of the Foundry Theatre and Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE), Brooklyn-based community group largely comprised of women of color.

FUREE In the Media

Anger over underground supermarket

Brooklyn Downtown Star, 04/19/2011 -
The development company behind an underground supermarket coming to Fort Greene is facing criticism from public housing residents for a design that will have them descending into the basement of an upscale apartment building to shop for fresh produce.

The Red Apple Group is planning to open the grocery store underneath The Andrea, on Myrtle Avenue and Ashland Place, sometime this summer.
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Locals Seek More Than Bread From Red Apple Supermarket

The Local - Fort-Greene Blog - NYTimes.com, 04/19/2011 -

If there was ever any doubt, the supermarket chain Red Apple Group now knows that the residents of Ingersoll, Farragut, and Whitman housing developments will demand a grocery store that is committed to their communities. Thursday’s forum on a plan for a new 12,000-square-foot Red Apple Supermarket on Myrtle Avenue at Ashland drew over 100 potential patrons to the Ingersoll Community Center. Read more »

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Rotten Apple? Locals Lay Into Developer of Delayed Supermarket

Fort Greene - Clinton Hill Patch, 04/16/2011 -

Around 100 fed-up residents grilled representatives from a long-delayed supermarket at Myrtle Avenue and Ashland Place — demanding that the desperately needed store be affordable for all.

The locals — many from the Ingersoll and Whitman houses, and the Kingsview and University towers — repeatedly criticized execs from the Red Apple supermarket for leaving their slice of the neighborhood without a grocery store for five years.

"This block used to be full of stores and a vital part of this community, but the block went down, just like dominoes," said Cynthia Butts, a member of FUREE, a community group that helped organized Thursday night’s meeting at the Ingersoll Community Center.

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Malls for Sale, Doughnuts, Jane Jacobs

The New York Times Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Local, 03/30/2011 -

Good Morning Fort Greene and Clinton Hill!  It’s another beautiful day outside!

Dough, Clinton Hill’s own artisan doughnut shop was featured in The Huffington Post yesterday.  Careful, the video just might make your mouth water enough to force you to head out and try one for yourself. Read more »

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Residents demand inclusion in new DoBro tenants coalition

Brooklyn Downtown Star, 03/29/2011 -

The closed-door meeting of a new tenants' group in Downtown Brooklyn sparked protest from longtime residents who fear they're being left behind as the neighborhood expands.

Members of Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE) rallied outside of the Sheraton Brooklyn on Duffield Street last week, as stakeholders gathered inside to lay the groundwork for a new coalition to reflect the area's booming population.

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75 Protest Unmet Promises of Downtown Brooklyn Rezoning

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 03/29/2011 -

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — An estimated 75 people rallied on Thursday to protest the unmet needs of low-income residents — while high-rise, high-end development continues to take place in Downtown Brooklyn.

Organized by Families United for Racial & Economic Equality (FUREE), the group — including low-income tenants, other residents and displaced small business owners — gathered across the street from the new Sheraton hotel on Duffield Street. Read more »

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Residents rally against exclusion from plans for Downtown BK

Brooklyn 12 News, 03/25/2011 -

(03/25/11) BROOKLYN - Residents of public housing in Downtown Brooklyn say they are being excluded from plans for their neighborhood's future by developers and politicians.

A group of more than 50 protesters from Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE) rallied yesterday across the street from the Downtown Sheraton, where some members of the local community were holding a meeting. Read more »

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16 Arrested as Fed Up New Yorkers Shut Down Capitol Building's State Street Entrance; Slam Cuomo's Agenda

readMedia, 03/02/2011 -

ALBANY, NY (03/02/2011)(readMedia)-- Sixteen New Yorkers were arrested today in the first major act of civil disobedience since Governor Cuomo took office during a protest of his corporate-backed agenda of tax cuts for millionaires and deep spending cuts to healthcare, education and social services. The group was joined by more than 100 grassroots community activists as they blocked off the State Street entrance of the Capitol Building in Albany. Read more »

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A Thanksgiving Honor Roll for 2010

The Village Voice, 11/24/2010 -

We're supposed to be two bitterly divided camps right now: the Tea Party's ferocious rage on one side; disheartened Democrats on the other. But for a special breed of New Yorkers, this current tough slog is just business as usual. They have no time for malaise or unfocused anger. They go to work every day in the city's streets and neighborhoods where victories are rare, and where the kind of violations that put so many of us in such a lather—government abuse, private greed, public indifference—simply come with the territory. They don't bother with rants on the Internet or the radio. They're too busy putting their shoulders to their tasks, moving the stone up the hill one step at a time.

Much of that hard work is hidden from public view, which is why the late Voice writer Jack Newfield made it his business to give a yearly shout-out to those who labor behind the scenes to bring dignity and fairness to this city. He called his Thanksgiving-week story his "Honor Roll," and we're honored to continue the tradition. This is just a handful of the many New Yorkers deserving of a holiday tribute.

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