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FUREE...Past, Present and Future

Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Patch, 10/23/2011 -

For 20-year-old Eric Valentin, it all started with an envelope addressed to his mother from her landlord.

Valentin's mother, the letter read, had only a few days to vacate an apartment she and her family had lived for years on Dwight Street in Red Hook.

"They told her that they had to make renovations and that she would have to find another place to stay," he said. "But she had nowhere to go."

FUREE In the Media

Red Apple Supermarket Hires 55 Local Workers

Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Patch, 09/30/2011 -

Finally there's some good news for the residents of Fort Greene Houses.

Despite word last July that priority for hiring would not be given to local jobseekers, owners of Red Apple Supermarket on Myrtle Avenue in Fort Greene seemed poised to deliver the goods upon the grocer's much anticipated grand opening later this year.

First Ever Residents’ Report Card Gives NYCHA Failing Grades

Evaluations from Nearly 1,500 Residents Expose Poor Maintenance, Shoddy Repairs, Bad Management, and Failure to Provide Jobs Opportunities

NEW YORK – A first-of-its-kind survey of public housing residents across New York City released today shows poor maintenance, shoddy repairs, unsafe conditions and management failures in New York City Housing Authority buildings are reaching a crisis point after years of budget cuts caused by government disinvestment in public housing.  Read more »

FUREE In the Media

Brooklynites Locked out of Jobs for Neighborhood Development

New American Media/Amsterdam News, 08/09/2011 -

BROOKLYN, NY -- Low-income and minority residents in Brooklyn say they are being left out in the cold while  looking for jobs in developments springing up throughout downtown Brooklyn. An organization looking out for their interests, Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE), put together a job hunt last week, bringing together 50 unemployed young people. However, the search yielded no results, as they stopped at sites at the CityPoint development, MetroTech Center and others with no luck. Read more »

FUREE In the Media

NYCHA Receives Bad Report Card

Eyewitness News, 08/08/2011 -

There's a scathing report out Monday about New York City's public housing.

It is the first ever resident report card and in most of the categories the city's Housing Authority, which is the largest in the country, received a "D".

The biggest complaint is broken elevators.

Read more »

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FUREE, looking for "missing jobs"

The Atlantic Yards Report, 07/28/2011 -

In contrast to yesterday morning's protest by People for Political and Economic Empowerment regarding the lack of local jobs and contracts, an afternoon protest held by FUREE (Families United for Racial and Economic Equality), was more organized, with protesters wearing t-shirts, planning with the police, chanting and singing, and offering both agitprop theater and concrete demands. Read more »

FUREE In the Media

FUREE Leads Job Hunt in Downtown Brooklyn

Brooklyn Eagle, 07/29/2011 -
DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — Close to 50 unemployed and under-employed area residents joined in a search for jobs in Downtown Brooklyn on Wednesday.

Calling it the “Where’re the Jobs At? Job Hunt” and organized by Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE), the group stopped at several development sites where the promises of jobs for local Brooklyn residents haven’t materialized.

FUREE In the Media

Brooklynites rally for jobs from local developers

Brooklyn Downtown Star, 07/28/2011 -

Protesters took to the streets across downtown Brooklyn on Wednesday, July 27, to rally for jobs from developers who promised to provide them. Read more »

Low-Income Brooklynites Search for Missing Jobs

Outraged Residents Slam Dismal Job Creation and Demand Good Jobs from Subsidized Developments in Downtown Brooklyn

 Brooklyn, NY:  Unemployed and underemployed area residents and youth searched for missing jobs in Downtown Brooklyn. The event targeted development sites that received over $3.4B in private investments and $300M in public subsidies and claimed to create local jobs and other community benefits. Organized by Families United for Racial & Economic Equality (FUREE), the "Where the Jobs At?" job hunt stopped at sites of shuttered small-businesses, the CityPoint development, MetroTech Center and others.  Read more »

FUREE In the Media

From Barbra Streisand to Brooklyn Revolutionaries

Fort Greene Patch, 06/24/2011 -
A few blocks away and 40 years after she became a tenant organizer at Walt Whitman Houses, Cynthia Butts – “Ms. Fort Greene,” as she likes to be called — has suddenly become a star of a musical comedy.

She is one of the 18 cast members on the stage of the Irondale Center in the Foundry Theatre’s spirited revival — more an inspired adaptation — of “Pins and Needles,” a musical revue from the 1930’s that has its own astonishing backstage story.

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