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Albee Square West Residents Endure Deplorable Conditions While Awaiting Relocation

NY Times/Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Local, 12/30/2011 -

Amidst the glass and shiny metal exteriors of the high-rises in downtown Brooklyn sit three conjoined five-story red brick and stone apartment buildings, 402, 404 and 406 Albee Square West. Their dingy stoops lead to sticky floors in dimly lit hallways, unhinged mailbox doors and rusty fire escapes. Things aren’t much better inside the few occupied apartments. Read more »

FUREE In the Media

Displaced Shopkeepers: Rents Still a Problem

CityLimits, 11/30/2011 -

When the city approved an ambitious rezoning of downtown Brooklyn in 2004, Yaakov "Jack" Fuzailov didn't think it would negatively affect his barbershop on the corner of Bridge Street and Willoughby Avenue. After all, he figured, he had a five-year lease and a verbal promise from his landlord of a five-year renewal. Even when construction for a new subway underpass tore up the streets in front of his shop, he struggled through, waiting for the day when his customers could return. "I was working for free, because I thought I could build a future," he says. "Thinking that it will be better tomorrow."

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FUREE to New D'town BK Partnership Prez: It's Time for Fair Development!

The following is critical background information regarding the recently announced appointment of Tucker Reed as new President of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership (DBP):

1/17/12 update: This letter from FUREE was hand-delivered to Mr. Reed. Read more »

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Poor Design Leads to Lost Votes

The Brennan Center for Justice, 12/07/2011 -

The Brennan Center released a report this week detailing the tens of thousands of votes that were lost in New York because voting machines read their choices as “overvotes” – the invalid selections of more than the allowable number of candidates. Instead of returning the ballot, as is done in many other jurisdictions, the ballots were retained and the machine displayed a screen message using complex election jargon that gave voters misleading cues about their options. In the 2010 election, this confusing message led to as many as 20,000 lost votes in the governor’s contest alone and as many as 60,000 lost votes across all contests. The Times, Daily News, WNYC, and Politico have all done a great job covering the story.

The Brennan Center and others warned state election officials about the potential problems that would arise due to this confusing message. Represented by the Brennan Center, the NAACP New York State Conference, the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, Families United for Racial and Economic Equality, and several individual plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against the New York State and New York City Boards of Elections in June of 2010 over the discriminatory impact on minority voters. Read more »


When: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - 6:30pm - 9:30pm

FUREE is Ten Years Old!

Ten years ago, FUREE was founded by a group of 15 women living on public assistance to fight for racial, gender and economic equity. Since then, we’ve reached to over 25,000 people, developed hundreds of leaders and won victories that impact thousands of low income and working class people of color in Brooklyn and New York City.

We wouldn't be here today, causing trouble for the powers that be, if it wasn't for the support of donors and allies who believe in the power of grassroots leadership! Read more »

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Shoppers Flock to New Fort Greene Supermarket

Brooklyn 12 News, 11/01/2011 -

FORT GREENE - A new supermarket in Fort Greene is giving neighbors more convenient shopping options.

The Red Apple Market opened yesterday on Myrtle Avenue, and some residents say they are excited about the grand opening after a similar store closed several years ago.

"I used to have to go to the Heights in order to get my food," says one shopper. "It's so nice to have this in the neighborhood." Read more »

Statement Regarding the Supermarket Opening on Myrtle Avenue

Families United for Racial & Economic Equality (FUREE) is pleased that after five years of the absence of a supermarket across from Ingersoll Houses, that a new supermarket will open to provide access to healthy, affordable food as well as jobs to 75 local residents. The opening is a very promising step following the input of community residents on accessibility, food selection and local employment. Read more »

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Community Wants Say In Search For New Downtown Brooklyn Partnership Prez

Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Patch, 10/28/2011 -

When former Downtown Brooklyn Partnership president Joe Chan announced he would leave his post after five years on the job, he left more than a vacant position with an annual salary of $200,000 in his wake.

Chan also left a trail of acrimony among grassroots neighborhood activist groups like Families United for Racial and Economic Equality, which demanded last week that they be let into the process of finding a successor.

FUREE plans to send a letter to DBE asking that there be a representative from the community on the board of the nonprofit development entity, which is also tasked with finding Chan's successor.

At FUREE's 9th Annual Conference last week, Councilwoman Letitia James, D-Brooklyn, pledged her full support for increased community involvement in DBP.

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FUREE...Past, Present and Future

Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Patch, 10/23/2011 -

For 20-year-old Eric Valentin, it all started with an envelope addressed to his mother from her landlord.

Valentin's mother, the letter read, had only a few days to vacate an apartment she and her family had lived for years on Dwight Street in Red Hook.

"They told her that they had to make renovations and that she would have to find another place to stay," he said. "But she had nowhere to go."

FUREE In the Media

Red Apple Supermarket Hires 55 Local Workers

Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Patch, 09/30/2011 -

Finally there's some good news for the residents of Fort Greene Houses.

Despite word last July that priority for hiring would not be given to local jobseekers, owners of Red Apple Supermarket on Myrtle Avenue in Fort Greene seemed poised to deliver the goods upon the grocer's much anticipated grand opening later this year.

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